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Marlee XX returns with the bouncing new single 'Take It Back'

Photo: Brandon Alonso

Having already cemented herself with a breadth of bright and dynamic releases these last few years, emerging artist Marlee XX now returns to share her first piece of new material for 2023, the hip-shaking new single 'Take It Back'.

Capturing another rich and heady dose of bouncing production against her own mesmerising vocal performance, 'Take It Back' adds another riveting another to her enigmatic repertoire to date. Filled with fun and euphoric aesthetics throughout, this one will get you up and out of your seat in no time.

Adding about 'Take It Back', she said, “The lyrics stem from feeling let down in relationships and finally getting tired enough to be honest with myself about the shortcomings and boldly take my power back. This song is an empowerment anthem, with a goal of reminding us that we are the prize, to take accountability in situations that no longer serve us, and to stand firm in the decision to choose what’s best for ourselves.”

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