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Marq Electronica is back in town with 'Bad Bones'

Marq Electronica is back in town with a new track 'Bad Bones' which will drop 2nd April 2021. This is a trippy, funky track that expresses Marq's view on British politicians. There's a killer funk-infused rhythm section with badass bass line, synth and everything amazing in between. Marq's vocals show a new side to the artist and sound very David Bowie.

Marq comments: "Bad Bones is my reaction, my dissatisfaction and frustration at the political landscape what I see as the smiling faces and the double talk of those in power."

The track is produced and mixed by the award-winning Simon Ellis (Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Westlife, S Club 7, East 17).

There's a striking video to accompany this track so keep your eyes peeled.

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