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Matilda Eyre astounds with new indie-pop ballad 'Let Me Be'

Matilda Eyre has proven herself to be an artist that excels under pressure this year. Having to quarantine back at her family home in Germany, Eyre set herself the creative challenge of the #100DayProject, whereby the artist wrote songs, made mini music videos and created animations. You can check all of this out on Eyre's YouTube channel.

Throughout the project, Matilda Eyre reconnected with herself as coined a special mantra for this phase in her life,“returning home to myself / reclaiming my strength and power”.

We can also apply this mantra to the artist's newest singe 'Let Me Be'. It's a captivating combination of undulating synth lines, stirring percussion and delicate melodies that make for a complex and haunting soundscape. This eerie beauty is cemented by the music video in which the solitary image of Matilda Eyre in a hotel room and on a wind-swept beach relates directly back to the isolation that many of us have felt this year.

As Eyre herself explains, “‘Let Me Be’ is a song about the excruciating wish to be your authentic self, to be loved the way you are, to be seen for your true self. 'Let me be all the things washed away.' The song is reflecting on all the ways we change ourselves to fit in and to be accepted. Remembering your strength, your essence and returning home to that. It is a call to step into your truth and authenticity when people or situations ask you to abandon yourself.”


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