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Maud unveils visual for 'Baby Girl'

With a music degree from a prestigious university, the backing of a record label and support from tastemakers such as WhatTheFunk, Chalkpit and Music Crowns, Norway’s rising electronic music star, Maud is off to a remarkably strong start in her career with no signs of slowing down.

Noticed by label director Achal Dhillion after a stunning live performance in her isolated hometown in Northern Norway, Maud (Kristine Hoff) was quickly signed to Killing Moon Records under which she released her debut single, ‘Real’, subsequently followed by the single and video for ‘Bad Things’ in which Maud really came into her own and began to showcase a unique sound and aesthetic.

As the first single to be previewed from her upcoming, debut album, ‘Bad Things’ saw Maud reveal a side to her artform never yet witnessed by fans. Not only did Maud write, produce and mix the entire song herself, but she also directed and starred in the music video, which was a key player in establishing the dark and gritty sound and look for which she is now known.

Returning to the scene once again as a writer, director and music video editor, Maud’s latest introspective, electro-pop single reflects on her journey so far; leaving her hometown, being thrust into uncomfortable situations, meeting new people, making new friends and essentially re-starting life as a grown and independent woman. ‘Baby Girl’ is all about the growing pains associated with adulthood and finally stepping out of your comfort zone in order to grow, mature and evolve.

As Maud explains:

“‘Baby Girl’ is an ode to becoming an adult. These stages of life can be filled with a lot of uncertainty and restlessness because we don’t know yet who we are or who we’re going to be”.

Deep, earthy drum patterns and eerie, distant synths punctuate the instrumental alongside Maud’s warped and echoing vocals, placed on a backdrop of inverted and abstract wide-range nature shots. As the track progresses, the volume builds, culminating in a twisted yet rich and robotic sounding crescendo of electronic sounds, percussion and the reverberating echo of Maud’s voice singing “you’re all alone my baby girl” as her face flashes in and out of focus.

Fuelled by honest emotion and a delicate vulnerability, ‘Baby Girl’ is a wonderfully layered single both in meaning and sonic texture; utilising off-kilter, industrial, electronic sounds to illustrate the desolate, gaping loneliness reflected in the visuals and lyrics.

Abstract, artistic and experimental, ‘Baby Girl’ is the perfect partnering single to ‘Bad Things’, possessing the same dark underbelly but with a more elaborate soundscape and conceptual visuals making for yet another unexpected and exciting glimpse into the rising star’s debut album.

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