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Max Armfield Produces Calm, But Cinematic Soundscapes In New Track 'Blue'

Being an artist constantly on the music creation grind, Max Armfield has released a new track with juicy beats that rise but also come down for the calmness before the storm.

The young creative has spent the last six months making use of the current climate and creating music videos and uploading music production videos to YouTube that allow him to stand out from the rest.

The constant hard work allowed Max to create 'Blue' and focus on relationships, but keep a clear, refreshing beat to it.

Speaking on the track, Max says:

‘BLUE talks about the end of a long term relationship and the excitement of new beginnings. Even though I got what I wanted from the relationship ending (being able to 'relax' and make music) there were still times where I want to see her again.’

You can listen to the track below.


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