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Meet Little Sister, your new favourite band

Updated: May 19, 2020

'Money, Jeans, Sex & Guns' it's Little Sister's debut EP and you should listen to it. Loud, very loud, as louder as it can get!

From the moment you press play, it sounds like The 1975 and Bruce Springsteen had an affair together. Pure joy for the fans of retro-tinged indie rock.

The lead single 'Money, Jeans, Sex & Guns' it's an explosion of emotions. The song starts strong, with infectious guitar parts, drums and obviously, synths.

Then the chorus. Imagine being at Wembley Stadium and in your room, singing and dancing.

Singer Tom Farrer explains: "If I think about it, these songs are connected to a certain time period: often reflective, anxiety-driven and euphoric, like someone doing their best to grow up. ‘Money Jeans Sex and Guns', to me, is about wanting to be in the place you’re are not. There’s a certain romance in that which I thrive on.”

One very strong debut, with style.


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