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Mello Will Brings Honest Lyricism In New Track 'Baby On Baby'

Productive human by day, talented wordsmith by night, Mello Will isn't one to fool around when it comes to the real life hustle and shares that raw emotion on the new track 'Baby on Baby'.

The Washington, DC native has always had a positive outlook on life, even after surviving three near-death car accidents and lives on to tell his story and raises his three children (including twins) with perseverance and zest.

The talented artist began a new YouTube freestyle series called 'Mello Monday' and it's just a clear indication of the raw power in his flows and what he can do in the future as well as bringing new people into the fold to share the spotlight.

'Baby on Baby' brings that hunger and desire to win at life at any cost, even when the chips are down, Mello brings the fight to the music and it's admired by many.

Whether it's the flows, beats or his personality, Mello Will is the voice for the future so allow him his seat at the table of the music industry as he's not leaving just yet.

Speaking on the track, Mello Will says:

"I created this track as motivation to ‘get it’ by any means necessary. I find inspiration from life experiences of my own and others and this track is no different. Work hard.”

You can listen to the new track below.


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