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Mental Health Awareness Through A Pop Music Lens: It's Alex Frew's 'Something To Hold Onto'

Undoubtedly, we've all be through the mill over the past twelve months and with January dragging its heels, it's hard not to feel somewhat depleted at this time of year. Whether becoming more aware of your own mental health is totally new to you or you're a self-care expert, it's always interesting to hear new points-of-view on a fact of life that affects just about everybody. So when we heard what Alex Frew's new single 'Something To Hold Onto' was all about, we knew that we had to share it here.

“This is a viewpoint that I have always wanted to explore in my songwriting,” Alex Frew says. “It’s asking: “If my addictions had the ability to speak, what would they say?” This song is a way in which I can navigate that perspective.”

The pop undertones of this otherwise commercial output, add an unexpected edge to this rising pop wunderkind. Frew is doing away with the stereotype that teenagers are always shallow, instead he reminds the listener that whatever your age and your past experiences, addition and bad habits can set in and really begin to take its toll. This is a universal problem, a point that is driven home by the sharing of mental health helpline numbers from a variety of international countries.

In addition to Alex Frew's powerful songwriting, the accompanying visuals also show that this young artist is stepping up his game this year and we can't wait to see what comes next.


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