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Modeste breaks through on his captivating debut single 'Atmosphere'

Having already developed a strong affinity for warm and soul-inspired music during his childhood, 23-year-old artist and producer Modeste is now looking to break out of his formative shell with the release of his captivating debut single 'Atmosphere'.

With a sound that looks to take cues from the likes of Labrinth, John Legend and Emelie Sande, 'Atmosphere' sees him introduce himself with a beautifully warm and passionate offering. With his shimmering vocal performance layered across a sprawling piano-led aesthetic throughout, he looks set to become one of the more talked-about names on the rise right now.

Speaking about his new release, he said, “Atmosphere is about the emotion someone can feel when they are having an internal battle with their own mind. I felt this personally at a tough time in my life. It's me talking about losing my confidence in my teen years and regaining it later on. The feeling of being lost in the emotion itself.”


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