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Monticolombi Drops Summer Banger

Monticolombi releases blissful new track Praise, continuing to deliver his message of joy in a soulful track that will leave a smile on your bobbing head.

Monticolombi surprised the world with his solo releases. A more chilled back approach showing his multiplicity of skill as an artist with melodies flow and lyrics" - BBC RADIO 1XTRA

Monticolombi’s fourth release, Praise, sees the artist’s most feel good track to date. From the opening chimes of the electric piano, to the track dripping in a summer energy, the music’s dismissal of any care in the world makes it an infectious addition to the artists rosta of refreshing hip-hop.

“The Inspiration for this tune actually just comes from good memories of blissful summers drinking 7-40-7’s in the sun not having a care in the world.” - Monticolombi

The 24 year old artist has been involved in music projects for 10 years, in some shape or form. Most notably, he fronted soul and hip-hop collective Soul Stretch Gang, which received great success (supporting Jam Baxter, The Brand New Heavies, and Norman Jay among others).

After a rare viral disease caused the artist to have a sudden heart attack at age 22, he was forced to take some time out from music to recover. With a new sound and a new ethos towards life, Monticolombi emerged a year ago.

Inspired by the attitude of his “smooth-talking, suave-striding, incredibly generous grandfather”, the Suffolk based artist has already begun to preach his forward thinking message. Opting to focus on life’s blessings, rather than its struggles, his previous release In The Morning featuring Lucy DeBono reflects on a blurry-eyed romance of youth and in October his single Pavement was made track of the week on BBC introducing Suffolk.

Check out the single, here.


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