Morpheus Project's 'Cry For Freedom' illuminates the collective in a different light

Premiered on Scala Radio, 'Cry for Freedom' is a distinctive single from Morpheus Project. The mind behind the collective is the sensational Mustafa Khetty - an expansive songwriter who never has any limits when creating music. From the previously released single 'Nights to Remember' and it's explosive progressive rock attire, 'Cry for Freedom' is on the opposite spectrum.

Showcasing Mustafa Khetty's great love for classical music, 'Cry For Freedom was written as a tribute to the Bosnian women and children who suffered the most during the conflict facing incredulous brutality, torment and loss of their loves ones. Hearing the collective in a different light is warming and feels needed during the hectic industry at the moment. "Cry For Freedom" is taken from Morpheus Project's recently released debut album, and we will be reviewing that very soon.