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Move over Spotify, Volumo has arrived.

Ready to tackle the problems of modern day music consumption, returning power, ease and money back to independent artists all whilst throwing it back to downloads is the brand new online electronic music store Volumo.

Brought to life by three long term friends, Volumo is the brainchild of Ukranian music industry heads Oleksandr Dzyubenko, Anton Severynenko, and Denys Borysov. Pooling their knowledge and experience of the industry they came together to create something to fulfil the needs of the current shortcomings within the industry. With the complicated nature of publishing, reports an payments taking too long to reach the correct pocket, and far too many back and forth along the musical chain, they quickly realised that the music industry was leaning towards strictly pleasing the masses, thus neglecting any aesthetic and creative aspects and the interests of artists and sound producers.

Volumo is far more than just "another store." It's an innovative new-generation product, a platform that first and foremost caters to the needs of artists and becomes a must have tool kit for professional DJs and selectors.

In as little as one year, Volumo has signed agreements with many distributors, including the likes of FUGA, Symphonic, and Triple Vision, to name but a few and their catalog includes almost 30,000 artists and 3,000 labels from over a hundred countries. With numbers growing every day, there is no doubt that they will "get downloads back on trend."

Volumo: Instagram || Twitter || Facebook


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