Mungbean unveil soaring debut album 'I Love You Say It Back'

Having spent the last few years releasing a rich and captivating wave of new material, which have found their way onto numerous publications and Spotify playlists, Columbus, Ohio-based outfit Mungbean are now ready to unveil their highly-anticipated debut album ‘I Love You Say It Back’.

Led up by the new single ‘Slow Motion’, ‘I Love You Say It Back’ looks to cement the diverse and eclectic direction they have been forging these last few months. With nods to a variety of fresh and flamboyant aesthetics, borrowing from the worlds of indie-rock, pop, disco and much more, this new collection is the bright and sweeping release we all knew was on the way.

Speaking about the new album, the band said,I Love You Say it Back feels like our coming of age story. These songs have been written, played, rewritten, hashed out and recorded over the last few years. We've seen a lot of changes and challenges, not just as musicians but as young people growing up and figuring ourselves out. So when you listen to ILYSIB those are the kinds of stories being told – stories from a bunch of barely grown up kids, writing songs to get us through some of the crazier times in our lives.”

While adding about their new single ‘Slow Motion’, We wrote this song years ago in our backyard with just an acoustic guitar and a microphone. We were pretty lo-fi back then, but the feeling of the song hasn’t changed in its rerecording. Inspired by all the wandering we did that summer, it’s bright, kaleidoscopic and dreamy. The vocals meander through the song while the synths are heavy and layered with bright flashy guitars. It still includes samples of the original vocal take from the backyard and the sounds of the birds that day.”