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neontown drop impressive new album “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes”

Producers/writers Jac and Aure are the masterminds behind neontown. Hailing from Leeds, the duo have managed to provide us with a refreshing take on contemporary dance music. This is showcased in their latest album “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes.” neontown prove that they can blend infectious instrumentation with vulnerability. “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes” features infectious pop anthems that will tug at your heartstrings.

Speaking about the release, they say: “We are so excited to finally release our first album. This has been a work in progress for so long as we were constantly writing new music and we changed our tracklist so many times! It includes songs we have released so far, plus some new songs and new versions of released songs. We feel like the title really reflects what the album is about. There is a very good mix of sounds and energy, but they are all linked together by common feelings and vibes. There is a lot of vulnerability , frustration and nostalgia but at the same time a lot of positivity, sassiness and confidence. We are so proud of it and we can't wait to share it with people who can connect to it!”

We, for one, cannot wait to see where they’ll take this. With fantastic visuals and impressive tunes we think they’ll get to the very top.

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