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'Never Will' is gentle yet impactful track from Nicki Wells' new record Ellipsis

As someone who doesn't always gravitate towards folk music, stumbling upon Nicki Wells' song "Never Will" was a delightful surprise. This track stands out from the crowd with a unique aura that transcends the genre's usual boundaries. Wells' mastery of the piano evokes a sense of intimacy, while her vocals—gentle yet impactful—breathe life into every note. "Never Will" isn't just a folk song; it's an enchanting journey that paints a vivid picture of emotions. The stripped-back production, adorned with real strings and organic sounds, adds layers of depth that resonate deeply. Wells' ability to craft such a fragile yet captivating piece is a testament to her distinct artistry. This song offers a refreshing perspective on folk, making it accessible even to those who aren't typically drawn to the genre."Never Will" manages to carve a place in the heart of listeners, regardless of their musical preferences.

“Without question, I’m very used to movement and diverse ways of expressing myself. My work is definitely an amalgamation of all my experiences growing up; it’s like a combination of nature and nurture… where you live and how that shapes you, and what you take from life as you go through it.”


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