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New Josefine

Returning with her second release of the year; singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Josefine is back with her brand new single ‘Dreamin’’. Hailing from Stockholm and LA-based, Josefine has been placing her mark on the music industry since her debut release in 2018. Playing everything from classical piano, to guitar, to drums; Josefine’s journey has taken her to the prestigious Berklee college of music, where she has honed and crafted her artistic sound and style.

Delivering irresistible pop beats with her brand new single ‘Dreamin’’, Josefine draws you into a stunning and delicate soundscape that drips with high energy pop sounds and captivating vocals. Melodic and uptempo, there is a perfect contrast between the intoxicating dance rhythm and more poignant and emotive aura. With a distinct pop-led style, subtle electronic elements weave their way across the sonic landscape; adding a new layer and texture to the instrumentation.

Speaking about the new single, Josefine explains "'Dreamin' is one of the personal and intimate testimonies for me immortalising those high endorphin and super nostalgic moments when you first begin to fall in love and you need to pinch yourself to see whether you are dreaming or not and whether this other human in front of you truly feels the same crazy feelings. I wanted to capture those butterfly-filled and super passionate and irreplacement moments which are engraved in time. To complement this, I wanted to make a song and production that just has super dancey energy to take you away from all the craziness of 2020 and dance the night away too."

Rapidly building and growing a dedicated audience with her first 5 singles, and having already garnered over 15 milli

on streams on Spotify alone; she is fast solidifying her place within the industry as an exciting artist to watch.

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