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Nicholas Cangiano shares unmissable new single 'The Light'

Singer-songwriter and producer Nicholas Cangiano has released an unmissable new single entitled ‘The Light’. Delightfully infectious and effortlessly uplifting, shimmering guitar riffs are layered over intricate percussion to create a song filled with rich, nuanced instrumentation. Drawing inspiration from a variety of genres, Cangiano has crafted an unparallelled sound. His vocal tone is mellifluous and filled with character, carrying a natural charisma as he delivers irresistible melodies. Throw in poetic, relatable lyricism on top of it all, and ‘The Light’ is a smooth, chilled groove that will certainly illuminate the lives of everyone who hears it.

Speaking of his new single, Cangiano says: “The song for me is really expressing a release of the stagnant energy that was building up inside me during the Covid lockdown here in Montreal. It's a feel good song that just begs you to dance and shake the muddy energy loose. I feel like the sonic space of the song was inspired by a lot of funk and jazz I was listening to at the time, with the groovy bass line and the smooth but simple keyboard progression. I can often gravitate towards layering my songs heavily which comes out really nice for certain songs but for this one I tried to keep it rather simple and let each piece of the song just come together to form something really natural and cohesive feeling.”

Hailing from Canada, Nicholas Cangiano has made a name for himself by busking on the streets of Montreal, bringing an immersive experience to the stage and studio alike through his live-looping style. With plans to tour parts of Canada and the United Kingdom in 2021, Cangiano will play outdoor shows in obscure locations around the city, adjusting to the new reality of life post-pandemic, as well as injecting vitality into the Montreal street music scene. Nicholas Cangiano is creating music that you do not want to miss.


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