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Nicholas Roberts Returns With Bright New Gem “Younger”

Starting to release a new song every month in mid-2017, following the loss of his job at a technology startup, indie-pop up-and-comer Nicholas Roberts is undoubtedly rising faster than ever. His vibrant and soulful music has amassed over 5 million collective streams on digital platforms to date, as well as features on dozens of huge TV shows on Netflix, MTV, Freeform, and many more. 

Gearing up for his first project since 2016, 4-track EP Younger, Nicholas Roberts just shared a stunning lead single that is definitely going to generate a lot of buzz around his name and the project, which is set for release in December. “Younger” is a stunning indie-pop anthem, driven by emotional singing and relatable writing. While the talented artist shares heavenly vocal lines, the production is driven by bright guitars and groovy percussion, resulting in a wholesome and catchy vibe. 

“Being young and in love is euphoric. I wanted to capture that feeling when you first find the person you know you’re meant to be with,” revealed Nicholas Roberts. “It almost doesn’t feel real. I have vivid memories of staying up way too late, sitting on the floor and talking about the future, and just being genuinely happy. This song is about the nostalgia of those pure moments with another person and trying to hang on to them.”


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