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Nora Lilith delivers the weird and the wonderful in debut EP 'DAYSOF8'

Enter the intricately stunning realms of Nora Lilith's debut EP DAYSOF8.

Fulfilled by the wonders of living across the world, from Berlin to Austin, Texas, breakthrough artist Lilith finds comfort in the approach of DIY sounds and productions, and DAYSOF8 is no different. Drawing on the influences of her identity and connection to mythology, Liliths latest work is a six-track journey on symbolism, reflectiveness, and the relation of the otherworld.

Teased over the past months with title track 'Daysof8' - the self-discovery and exploration of one - and hit single 'Misfed' - an overlook of her past and layers - Liliths overall project is pivotal in her musical journey but also brings listeners closer as she analyses & dissects her own experiences in life. Though showing off intense tales, Lilith delves into her music through the multitude of sounds from bedroom pop to R&B, house and a slight taste of jazz.

As we enjoy the admiration of lo-fi electronic and cracking beats, Lilith explains further, "This EP to me feels like an assortment of sonic experiments and inner world reflections. I feel like the energetic range of these tracks is a direct outcome of the varying timelines these tracks were created on, some very old and some newer, and some written on the same day. Overall, these songs lyrically all share an element of malaise while instrumentally expressing both a sanguine yet broody attitude. That juxtaposition feels connected to what I’ve mentioned in my bio - the symbol of Lilith and how it, to me, represents a regaining of strength in what would otherwise be considered darkness."


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