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Norway based artist 96 Zeus reveals lo-fi indie single 'Kids' ft Michael Kraun

Currently rising in Kristiansand, 96 Zeus is a powerful recording artist with layers of personality. Born in the US and raised in Norway, the one-man band writes, records and produces his own songs from the comfort of his home studio. Receiving support from Apple Music editorial playlist ‘Bedtime Beats’, 96 Zeus has accumulated over 1 million overall streams to date. Back with vivid new single ‘Kids’ featuring Michael Kraun, the colourful number draws inspiration from the likes of Sparklehorse, Slowdive, The Smashing Pumpkins and The Cure. “Kids” is fueled with reverberated vocals, distinctive guitar melodies and a heavenly production. The ethereal number will certainly find a place within your heart if you’re into dream-pop meets lo-fi music.

Speaking about the breathtaking release, Garrett aka 96 Zeus shares, “While most of the music I've released have had a more ''slow/downtempo'' vibe, I thought that I'd want to release a more upbeat song for the summer. The beat for ''kids'' was made back in March, and just a few weeks later I had gotten a verse from my good friend Michael Kraun, who I've worked with previously. I initially tried to get another artist on the song, where it would be two verses from two artist on a beat that I had produced. Not being able to find the right person, I decided to hop on the song myself. Regarding the question, I find it hard to describe what the song means to me. I usually write and make music based off how I feel at the time, and as time passes, I can interpret my music in a whole different way than what I initially did. The lyrics and overall feeling of the song, to me, is just a feeling I had. Since music is subjective and is influenced by personal feelings, I would rather like to hear what my song means to you.”


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