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Norwich rap artist COLL drops catchy new single 'Who's That'

Rising Norwich-based rapper COLL shares his second single of 2021, ‘Who’s That’, a quirky and lighthearted music video release that offers self-empowering and upbeat lyricism over a bouncy, electronic beat.

Somewhat of a detour from COLL’s usual, hip-hop heavy sounds, the electronic-fuelled production of Blanq Beatz gives this track a more commercial and club-friendly feel that’s a brand new vibe for the Zimbabwe-born artist who continues to impress with each new offering.

Written, performed, mixed, and mastered by COLL himself, ‘Who’s That’ is a true labour of love that sees the young rapper rightly brag about the fruits of his hard earned labour and the confidence he has in his place and status. Known for promoting the importance of positivity and hard work, COLL is not usually one to toot his own horn, but despite the bravado, COLL remains true to himself as a welcomed breath of fresh air island positivity in the hip-hop world.

Speaking on the new single, COLL shares:

“When I made Who’s that I wanted to make sure you could feel the energy that I had in the studio. It's about not caring about people's opinions of you and owning who you are to the max because life's too short. Express yourself. It's produced by Blanq Beats who's from Russia and I think it turned out well for our first time collaborating.” - COLL


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