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ODYSI Releases New Music With “LOVED X LOST”

Alt-R&B artist Odysi is giving us broody vibes in his new pop-tinged track “Loved x Lost” (Loved and Lost).

Its downtempo trap rhythm gives broody energy to the track to with a-grade production. Woozy guitar, emotional vocal melodies, and shimmering synths all add to the whimsical, dreamy vibes of the tracks which are grounded by a thumping beat

Cleaver lyrical technics are used as Odysi turns inwards and examines his emotions. He describes the track, “The song is the result of a toxic relationship with my child's mother. There was a long period of time when I couldn't see my child and I didn't know when I would see her again. It sounds like I am talking about the mother but if you listen closely to the lyrics you can see I am talking about the relationship with my child.”

The American born artist residing in the UK has  8 years of experience as a singer/songwriter, producer, and engineer for a selection of global top tier music artists, including Giggs and Stefflon Don.

Speaking on the track, Odysi says:

“The song is the result of a toxic relationship with my child's mother.”

You can listen to the new music below.


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