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"Old Friends" is the latest angsty pop anthem from Canadian name Scott Helman

While perusing Scott Helman's Instagram page over the weekend, we picked up on a post where he asked which of the lyrics from new single "Old Friends" was their favourite? For us it's "Where are you now? Coming up, coming down?", which perfectly sums up the dual meaning of this mega pop anthem. For some of the audience, this will relate to an emotional state, for others it might be one of intoxication. That's the great thing about Scott Helman's songwriting, it's relatable AF. "Old Friends" isn't just the same old trick from the Canadian artist, just compare this track to his last album Nonsuch Park, which was ultimately more pop, electronica and dance leaning, such as you'll hear in the JUNO Award nominated "Wait No More". His latest single has all the angsty tension of a pop-punk song, yet without all the clichés; his sound is so much more organic and natural. The moments of expressive shouting (so much fun to shout alongside) are a great example of this. It's big energy, big feels and a big introduction to Scott Helman's next project.


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