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One to Watch: indie-disco groover Ormiston

Hailing from the Canadian city of Montreal, Ormiston is an artist who proudly touts his upbringing by female musicians in a melodious and bi-lingual environment. Following on from those early years, he first carved out a name for himself as a mixer and producer for well-known names like Milk & Bone, Heartstreets, Misage and Freida Mari, before releasing his own project Beverlay. One song, 'Typically Her', went on to be remixed by Canadian and global legend Kaytranada!

Now, Ormiston is setting aside his past endeavors to explore new avenues under this fresh moniker. Our first taste of his refreshed flavour is 'Rebel'. It's a joyously buoyant single that touches on elements of disco, indie-pop and chillwave through the nearly four-minutes of consistency. In opposition to the steady roll-out of 'Rebel', the lyrics hints towards a fractious relationship, with Ormiston putting a spin on the classic saying "I'm a lover, not a fighter", to be much more realistic, stating that "I'm a lover sometimes".

Now signed to independent label Lisbon Lux Records, Ormiston promises more to come.


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