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"OVER MY HEAD!" is the Perfect Song to end your Summer with

"OVER MY HEAD!" by DLG. is a funky end-of-Summer delight that is well worth checking out. The song's dreamy beat sets the stage for a musical journey that feels like floating through the waning days of summer. The easy-going vocal flow adds a layer of chill to the track, making it the perfect companion for those laid-back summer moments. You'll find yourself hitting the repeat button on this one, no doubt. DLG.'s music has a genre-blending quality that appeals to a wide range of listeners, drawing influences from pop, alternative, electronic, and more. His sound has earned him recognition from publications like Ones to Watch, Early Rising, Lyrical Lemonade, among many others. Plus, his music has found its way into popular TV shows like HBO's 'Sex Lives of College Girls' and Netflix's 'You,' further solidifying his place in the music scene.

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