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Peak Futures offers out-of-this-world sounds in new single 'Orion' featuring Joe Bernie

Fresh from the bustling streets of New York, bassist and guitarist Chris Hills bumped into pianist Sara De Santis and vocalist Joe Bernie in London in 2019. The three musicians swiftly fostered close friendship around a shared love for music, one that would become even more tangible with the creation of Peak Futures. The band also welcomed Pauli the PSM on drums, Eva Brooks and Rebecca Freckleton, both on backing vocals.

The six-piece collective then showed up on the public radar with the release of 'Tapestry' last year, which has been shortly followed up by newcomer 'Orion'. We can totally hear why Joe Bernie has been given the "featuring" honour here as his vocals are simply incendiary. The emotive way in which he delivers each lyric is outstanding. His blues-rocks timbre is also the perfect accompaniment to Peak Future's jazz, soul and rock influence sound. Each instrument vibrates with life-giving energy; the kind that you can feel deep inside your chest.

It's the awe-inspiring brevity of space and the humanistic relationship to it that anchors the themes of 'Orion'. It's fitting then that the music video is a collage of clips from NASA, extraterrestrial moments captured on human technology.


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