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Phil Good releases 'Everything's (Not) Good'

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Phil Good has collaborated with DJ and producer Slow Magic for the remix of his single ‘Everything’s Good.’ Slow Magic adds another dimension of dynamism to the original track without overpowering it, injecting a generous dose of swirling synths which further uplift the sanguine nature of the song. The remix is part of Phil Good’s latest release ‘Everything’s (Not) Good’, a rebranding of his earlier singles to reflect the current social climate and his own mental health.

On his website, Phil Good opened up about his new release: “I don't feel ok - every day is a toss up between if I will feel just 'fine', or feel like a large pile of poo. I feel scared and drained and at times hopeless. I don't want to feel like this. I want to get out of my own head and do what I can to help. I think what I can do best and most effectively is speak up for what I believe in and for what is right, educate and have uncomfortable conversations with friends, family, and followers, and hopefully make people sing and laugh and get through a few moments of their day.”

The LA based artist has received notable recognition for his magnetic sound. The Slow Magic remix of ‘Everything’s Good’ follows a feature on ‘Stuck On You’ earlier this year, the lead single from GRAMMY® Award-winning producer RAC’s new album ‘Boy.’ Last autumn, Billboard announced Phil Good’s signing to Elektra Records. As well as this, he’s received impressive critical acclaim and recently supported James Young on his Happiest Year North America Tour.


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