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Philip Brooks makes platonic love cool (again) with 'I'm So In Love With All of My Friends'

Driving drums and shimmering guitars makes you feel like Fleetwood Mac tried to write a bedroom pop song. Philip expresses regrets over having lost friends by admitting feelings for them. “I wonder if my friends love me the same as I love them / ... / but sometimes those things are better left unsaid”, Brooks ponders in the verse.

Fitting the theme of friendship of the song, Philip is joined by a choir consisting of some of the most exciting upcoming talent including Moyka, Tamzene, Abbie Ozard, Ella Jane, Odina, and many more.

The German-born artist has recently come out as non-binary. Their new single feels like a new beginning for Philip's career. Keep an eye out for this talented artist!

Philip says about the track:“I wanted to write a love song for my platonic friends, because deep platonic love is so underrated in my opinion. In the past I was always seeking affection and I famously fell for my friends all the time - like, that was basically my brand. Every time I took the courage to be candid to find out if my crushes felt the same, people kept disappearing from my life until I found myself all alone. Feeling both emotionally and physically distanced from my loved ones over the last few months led me to reflect on that, and writing this song helped me manifest that deeply loving people platonically is okay and enough and actually it’s really awesome. The track means a lot to me, especially because so many of my super talented friends are on it.”


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