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Pook Hustle releases warm new single "Mental Health"

Pook Hustle has decided to showcase a different side to himself on his latest single "Mental Health." The track is a heartwarming offering that will be sure to musically immerse the listener. "Mental Health" features hard-hitting drums, warm synths and infectious backing vocals. His bars are emotionally-penned and land perfectly on top.

Speaking about the single, he says: ““At the time of making this record, I was just beginning to process the past year of my life. At the beginning of the pandemic, I went through a rough break up & got furloughed from my job in a 2 week span. If that wasn’t enough, that same winter I had to live without heat & water because of hostile landlords opting to use shady tactics to force me & my family out of the Brooklyn apartment we’ve made home since 1997.

Sticking true to my name (Hustle), I kept recording “Hustle Mode” & releasing music through it all but in order to survive, I had to find a bright spot somewhere. I turned to therapy for the first time in 2021 & it was an essential part in me coping with the trauma I faced. I’m powerful but I know me being vulnerable will lead others to being more transparent & getting help because no matter how strong you are, we all do.

His second name is "hustle" and that is exactly what Pook Hustle is. In 2022 Pook played a sold-out show, had three critically-acclaimed singles and a successful merchandise drop. However 2023 is set to be even bigger, and we cannot wait to see where he'll take this.

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