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Pop songwriter Lily Hain releases honest new single 'People Grow Apart'

Effortlessly original and jam-packed with contrasting melodies, Lily Hain's new single hears the more gentle and personal side to her songwriting. Delicate and armed with warm vocals, People Grow Apart’ displays an authenticity that is rarely found in the pop music of today. Fusing minimal production to allow the sentiment to shine through, the track's honest will leave you weak at the knees.

Speaking about the meaning behind 'People Grow Apart', Lily shares, "People Grow Apart is about growing pains and missing old friends. I wrote it 5 months after I graduated from college and during the thick of the pandemic. I felt incredibly isolated from all my friends and started to miss people from my past that I was once really close with. It’s essentially an ode to anyone I was ever friends with, whether we grew apart slowly or if our friendship ended on poor terms.”

Stream the breathtaking new original from Lily Hain below.

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