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"Powetripp" is electro pop, trip hop and R'n'B single from Ishani

It's another day and another first time appearance in my inbox for an artist that I feel like seriously should have way more streams that she currently does. Ishani is currently based in London, although she was raised between the UK and India, who has been on a small break, but is back with an absolute bang with new single "Powertripp". I was instantly drawn in by Ishani's lyrics, like"I can see you escalating, Why the hell are we not relating?", which really put me in the shoes of someone dealing with a partner who has changed or let their true nature come forwards. Noting gets past Ishani and even though her questions go unanswered, there's a power to her interrogation. Something else I noticed was the way her voice bounces with the track's beats - texturally very interesting on their own. The violin also gives a dramatic flow to this otherwise very beat driven song. She really plays around with a lot of genre elements, like electro pop, trip hop and R'n'B to create a track that's really innovative and creative.

I can really hear the British influences in Ishani's music and the music video also leans into this as it's filmed around London. There's classic railway tunnels and more modern architecture in the background of her music video, as well as an artsy London apartment where much of the acting between Ishani and rising actor David Donner takes place. Again, it's a very creative performance piece filmed in collaboration with director/producer Yolanda Barker and DOP/producer Beatriz Delgado Mena.


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