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PREMIERE: Dora Lachaise drops captivating new single ‘I Confess’

Bristol-based solo artist Dora Lachaise releases a soul-stirring song today! ‘I Confess’ is an experimental electronic number with unusual chords and hypnotic melodies. Dora’s lulling lead vocal will draw you in from start to finish. This is a song which is both kooky and familiar all at the same time. We love the combination of raw artistic energy meets carefully-crafted musical arrangement.

Dora tells us: "Making this track was an exploration of the creative possibilities of production. While my recordings used to sound like real instruments in a room, on 'I Confess' I wanted to do something very different! I experimented with effects, like the distorted side voices in the verses; they're transposed an octave down or up to create an alienating effect. And I chose the shimmering synths in the choruses to create an ethereal atmosphere to contrast with the tense, sparse verses. And there's more going on. It was a fun process!”

Inspired by the likes of Sevdaliza and FKA Twigs, Dora meshes together gritty, industrial percussion with sparkling, multi-faceted vocals. This song is inspired by a medieval statue of Mary Magdalene, who’s story was often used to pressurise women into behaving in a certain way. ‘I Confess’ challenges those outdated ideals. Dora seeks to break that mould and to lend her voice to Mary to defend herself with this new single. Through the specific manipulation of sound Dora chooses, she creates a platform through which to convey a very profound message. ‘I Confess’ is a sonic wonderland of electronic energy, with a candid human touch.

‘I Confess’ by Dora Lachaise is out today and available to stream & download everywhere HERE. It is also available via Bandcamp HERE.

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