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Prepare to be dazzled by POESY's new single 'Diamonds'.

Canada’s scene-stealing songstress Poesy has returned with her latest track, the powerful and poignant pop-rock single, ‘Diamonds’. Named after the precious stone forged from Carbon in high-pressure environments, ‘Diamonds’ is all about triumph in the face of adversity and winning the internal war against your inner demons, insecurities and self-doubt.

“‘Diamonds’ is at its core, a song about experiencing a dark time and trying to drag yourself through to the other side. It’s about the pressure you put on yourself that leaves you with dark inner turmoil. I’ve dragged myself out of that countless times so I hope Diamonds can do that for someone else. I called it ‘Diamonds’ because they’re a substance that is made under huge amounts of pressure, but they’re also so valuable - just like we are. So be gentle with yourself...”


Set to be her third official release following her breakout single, ‘Soldier of Love’ and her debut EP Glassbox Confessional, ‘Diamonds’ sees Poesy begin to truly come into herself as an artist both in terms of her music and her aesthetic. It’s evident from her Instagram alone that Poesy takes great pride in her appearance and takes time to cultivate looks which are authentic and true to herself and the same can certainly be said about her music too.

Poesy’s powerful, commanding vocals paired with the vulnerability of her lyrics and the emotion she injects into every word makes for a truly unforgettable listening experience. It’s clear that Poesy has high ambitions and a focused creative vision with the talent to boot, and with an ever-increasing number of streams and the backing of a record label, the world ahead is Poesy’s for the taking.


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