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pretty ghetto delivers the diverse new EP 'LEMME DANCE'

After an incredible run of form throughout the last few years, which includes his dynamic studio album 'October Money !' last year, fast-rising artist pretty ghetto recently continued his soaring ascent with the release of his mesmerising new EP 'LEMME DANCE'.

Featuring the highly-praised outing 'Ice Cream Shop', which has racked up tens of thousands of streams since it first arrived, this new six-track collection makes for a brilliantly diverse and inventive listen. With his own distinctive persona threaded throughout an adventurous production from start to finish, he is cementing himself as one of the more innovative names doing the rounds right now.

Adding about 'Ice Cream Shop', he said, “You can dance, drive, cry, or kick it with some friends with my music on, because there's a universal experience that is woven into my songs. ice cream shop translates to the feeling of being alive, as well as accepting the highs with the lows - whenever and wherever they may arise.”

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