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Producer-turned-Artist THE LX Gets "Loose" With New Single

After years of working as a producer for the likes of 24hrs, Chinx, Phoebe Ryan, Mickey Shiloh and more, it's about damn time hip-hop producer The LX starts his own artist journey. His single "Loose" from his new EP “Good Wins, Vol. 1” is the culmination of years of working behind the scenes, but now The LX is turning the tables and starting his own journey as an artist.

The single is an energetic, euphoric track that seamlessly blends The LX’s background in production in genres like Hip-Hop and R&B with his knack for songwriting in genres like rap. With “Loose”, The LX states “I've been in the game for awhile - close to 15 years now. I've had some amazing experiences and met some amazing people. I've had many "ups" and probably even more "downs". Despite it all, I'm still hungry. Loose is the warm-up. I'm just getting loose, I'm just warming up. The best is always what's next to come.”

Check out "LOOSE" now!

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