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Prog Goliaths, Morpheus Project, releases Hugely Anticipated Debut Album

Enchanting the likes of Prog Magazine, Scala Radio and the BBC, Morpheus Project has announced the hugely anticipated release of their debut album, Mozaick, on 19th March. The expansive prog, world and classical project has been wowing audiences across the musical spectrum with the singles, Mozaick, Nights to Remember and Cry for Freedom getting airplay around the world. With musical influences from as far afield as the Far East and South America, neo-classical composer Mustafa Khetty’s musical venture Morpheus Project sees Mustafa at his most creative. Building a team of top musicians around him, Mustafa acts as a 'Master of Ceremonies' creating the complex and beautiful soundscapes in his mind with a wide array of instrumentation and musicians from across the world with no limitations. 1. Cry For Freedom (4:19) 2. Dancing with Elves (6:18) 3. Istanbul Swing (4:17) 4. It’s Who We Are! Mozaick (8:43) 5. Nights to Remember (3:52) 6. Rage Before The Storm (2:44) 7. Shrill (5:55) 8. Tomorrow Never Comes (7:15) 9. Waiting (3:28)

Mustafa Khetty: Composer, Arrangements and Master of Ceremonies Matias Chapiro: Piano Manuel Villar Lifac: Cello Arda Keremoğlu, emircan unsev: Guitars Gustavo Eiriz: Violin Sebastian Fahey: Keyboard / synthesizer and programming Zilan Küçükbalaban; Onur Çobanoğlu : Vocals Berke Köymen: Drums


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