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Punt Guns release power anthem FOHT (Fantasy Of Hopeless Thoughts)

Punt Gun’s new offering is an electric explosion of intensity, unifying a sensation of electronic, pop and rock sounds to create a truly cinematic feel. Core members Karisma (Bass and Lead Vocals) and Samura1 (Guitar and otherworldly sounds) bring their eclectic, innovative visions together to create a truly striking sound that surely stands out.

Discussing the single, Karisma said: "Samura1 and Jiri Nua made this song as a surprise for me. The first time I heard it at rehearsal it got me. The vibe of a baritone driven guitar theme has this romantic western sound and dubstep touch, the rhythm section is really kickin'. I was inspired instantly and recorded vocal lines over the track but the initial instrumental feeling just suited the song better. There is something in the guitars that makes you feel the song, feel the message. Great track to listen to if you're looking for inspiration."

Jiri Nua adds: "I couldn't remember the name so for me it’s always gonna be Space Cowboy."

And Samura1 explains: "The harmonies, sounds and parts of the song had been germinating in my head since last summer. After playing all the parts on my baritone guitar earlier this year, it all came together and the song almost self-structured itself. The recording process started after sending iPhone recordings to my mates! Then after one studio session the track just jumped out of us. It’s epic, like spaghetti western cowboys lost in space looking for gravity and dealing with romance, dirt and (star) dust!”

With their distinct brand firmly established, Punt Gun’s journey has only just begun.


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