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Put On Your Dancing Shoes for "Rock With Me" by Sparkee

This one is sweet and sour at the same time, kind of like a Sour Patch Kid. The sweetness comes from the slick vocal and the sour is the funky disco groove as the backing instrumental via Sparkee. While he isn't a household name as of yet, Sparkee is on to something special with this new collab "Rock With Me" featuring Liinks. Listen to the track below now to understand why this one hits like an SPK and above that read a quote from the vocalist on their collaboration!

“As soon as Sparkee hit me up to write to this track I instantly connected with its juicy, nostalgic funk vibes and endeavored to match that energy with the vocal and lyric. Think platform wearing, penthouse party crashing, late summer night dance parties...that is where my heard was at while I wrote this topline in sweats from my bedroom, mid pandemic.”

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