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R&B girl group BLK drop it like it's hot with "Girls"

What seems like decades since we had a good R&B girl group, (like for real, it's been to long!) BLK have been drawing all us nostalgic listeners in with their tasteful retelling of golden era R&B melodies, vocal features and images. They give us Clueless and '90s J-Lo looks all over on Instagram and Aliyah-level personality up on the TikToks. but then hit us hard with TLC "No Scrubs" vibes on "Girls". There's just so much to love about BLK and a big part of that is because they're individuals, like Lilac X says“We’re showing that there’s not one type of woman or girl. You can dress any way that you want. You can be anything you want.” With "Girls" they step up this confidence because it's all about knowing you're still a five-star-meal even when someone you're into has messed you around, cheated, broken up with you or been plain disrespectful. BLK don't stand for that. Bexk exudes the energy of this track when she says that " I fight for our best interests at all times, and encourage others to speak up" and Khatalia Korahjay wraps it up with her sassy statement,“Sometimes food expires, sometimes men expire..either way, you have to throw the trash out. & that’s on ‘Girls’.” Watch and listen to this fire track below!


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