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Raíz releases sensational new single ‘Over You’

Raíz is the rising star bursting onto our musical radar with another certified hit this month. Whilst gracing our grey days with the fresh frequencies of millennial pop, Raíz is set of a trajectory of total airwave domination. His latest single comes off the back of the immense success of his vibrant debut single ‘Nightmare’. Racking up over twenty-seven thousand streams, ‘Nightmare’ launched Raíz into our audio atmosphere and exploding onto our playlists. Utilising the enduring force of a bored musician, Raíz relished the gift of time and solitude amid the globe’s isolation and set out to secure his place as a hot musician rising the ranks this year - trust me, he succeeded. Earning over twenty-thousand streams on his debut in the past month alone, Raíz is on course for an exciting new year as he gears up for the release of his highly anticipated debut EP ‘Saudade’.

‘Over You’ is the fresh release from the rising star, further proving why Raíz deserves a place in your daily soundtrack. Rooted in a modern 80s vibe, ‘Over You’ boasts a soundscape swimming in stunning synths and graceful guitar licks. Standing centre stage amidst all this musical magic are the tantalising tones of Raíz himself. Showcasing the intricate vocal acrobatics and the enticing, effortless tone that seem to come so easy to the rising star, it’s no wonder why this track has earned over four thousand streams in just over a week. ‘Over You’ is swimming with stunning synths and striking synth counter-melodies, accumulating in a soundscape sculpted with subtle details supporting Raíz sensational vocals with ease. Raíz laments over that all-too relatable feeling when you just can’t get over that one person; let’s be real, we can all relate to that relentless realisation that you don’t want to get over that person, Raíz just gave us a reason to sing about it. With an exciting trajectory unfolding before him, it’s no doubt Raíz is gearing up for an exciting 2021 with the upcoming release of his debut EP ‘Saudade’ - and whilst Raíz might be trying to move on in the certified banger ‘Over You,’ it’s of no doubt we won’t be getting over Raíz any time soon.


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