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redbook's latest single 'Little Friend' is heavenly

The duo ‘redbook’ are a beautiful mix of Italian passion and British quirk which has explored several genres across their previous musical creations. Swiss-born vocalist Soraya Grosso and British-born guitarist Jake Tweddle share an enormous passion for the unconventional. Redbook share their stories and honest expressions through the unique sound of their music and demonstrate a beautiful connection between their lyrics and instrumentals.

Before releasing their acoustic ‘Sampler’ in 2017, the two spend their time playing in candlelit cocktail bars, shipping containers and Swiss cave-bars. Other previous releases include ‘Midnight’ (2019), a pop-inspired summer song, followed by the 4-track EP ‘Big Smoke Sessions’ (2019), which blends folk, pop, funk and rock into their earliest tracks.

In their latest track ‘Little Friend’, the two delve into the feeling of being trapped and seeing what you crave in someone else’s hands. The melodious and raw vocals, accompanied by delicate guitar lines give the song its unique sound and the choir of their friends joining adds an outstanding element to ‘Little Friend’. The track is a reminder to not look past your own plate when seeing what others have been served.

Written by: Julia Kuhnert

Follow redbook: Facebook | Instagram | Website | Spotify | Youtube

Stream ‘little friend’ here on all major platforms:

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