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Retro Queen, Jade Moss, Releases Brand New Single “Only U"

Jade Moss is a fearless entrepreneur in the world of fashion and music where she creatively combines her distinctive retro style with her soulful R&B melodies, in hopes of capturing an essence of nostalgic glamour with a distinctive tie to modern music which her newest single “Only U” is a testament to.

“Only U” represents the inner fight of a woman who falls in love at first glance, but is left wondering how crazy it may seem to truly admit to those feelings. With themes of captivating rhythm and areas of contemporary soul and retro pop, Jade shows us a side of instant chemistry and familiarity within the sensitivity of her voice. This song is a perfect representation of identifying the fear of finding love suddenly and exploring through the depths of inner self expression and acceptance. Jade manages to beautifully portray the art of relatability through her song, whilst also managing to captivate the listener with its rhythmic charm.

Currently residing in the heart of London, Yorkshire born Jade was determined to get into the big city to make her mark. Her creativity flourished as she used her love of fashion to create her own business where she started selling her designs within the heart of Camden market. She then victoriously scaled up to creating her own design studio with boutiques around London, which then resulted in partnerships with top brands such as Topshop and ASOS, whilst additionally setting up boutiques all over Europe and the UK. She has also enjoyed spending her years travelling to a plethora of exciting and forward thinking countries in relation to her love of fashion and exploration. Choosing to ultimately marry the two, both of Jade’s stamps on fashion and the music industry have beautifully interlinked within each other.

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