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Rye Milligan Inspires With Indie-Electronic Single “Silhouette”

In a true one-man band fashion, Rye Milligan brings to life a mixture of genres including Indie, Hip-Hop, Pop and Electronica into one lively and memorable single.

As a dedication to Rye’s late friend Will Acres, “Silhouette” seamlessly leaves a long lasting impression with flourishing, enthralling beats perfect for a night of discovering new music.

Its three year production gave him the confidence to get back to creating solo music outside of his band Luna Bay, where he’s the guitarist. At the end of the music video, he’s seen pouring his undeniable talent over a dazzled audience with layers of lighthearted loops, heavy bass lines and captivating melodies.

Originating from Wales, Rye Milligan began recording music at a very young age while being homeschooled. This freedom deriving from mostly inner creativity and boredom inspired the necessity to fill his empty time with music.

“Silhouette” is just the beginning for Rye Milligan, who’s about to embark on the next exciting chapter of his musical career. Come for the welcoming, catchy music production and stay along for the ride!


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