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Salt Lake City’s Dawn Chorus Present Genre-bending New Single ‘Modern Being’

Dawn Chorus are an atmospheric indie-rock trio from Salt Lake City. Their most recent release ‘Modern Being’ blends a range of instruments and musical styles to create what is a euphoric and atmospheric belter!

Dawn Chorus give us an insight into the songwriting process and inspiration:

It's about disillusionment with modern life and technology's effect on interpersonal relationships. Lyrically, this song was inspired by a mushroom trip in Colorado. Musically, the core of this song came together the day Trump was defeated (thank god) as such, it has a celebratory feel. Harmonically, it was inspired by Brian Wilson's more daring Harmonic arrangements / harmonic language of Jazz. We were striving to capture that classic 60s / Beatles psychedelic feel with a modern flare /extra dose of harmony.

Dawn Chorus is: William Fait - Guitar, Keys, Vox; Christian Sudweeks - Bass, keys, drums, vox, mixing; and Christopher Weed - Lead Vox, Keys, Drums.

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