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Samantha Leah Releases New Single “FLY WITH YOU”

New Yorker Samantha Leah is back with her latest hit: the euphoric single "Fly With You." Produced with Broman Dude, "Fly With You" is a crossover blend of pop with EDM influences in hook that highlights Samantha Leah’s lush R&B-infused vocals with her signature melodies and catchy lyrics.

When asked about the inspiration behind “Fly With You” Samantha Leah explains, “‘fly with you’ is about the desire to travel the world with a lover. I think a lot of people have had this feeling. I, myself, have traveled a lot alone, which has been an AMAZING thing, but I think there comes a point where we begin to crave the experience of sharing this beauty with our “other half.” At least, that is what I am now feeling in my life. I feel that ‘fly with you’ represents a sort of “coming of age" story, where we mature enough to “settle down,” but this is a different type of settling down. It’s more like: “I have spent enough time alone or enough time indulging in meaningless flings. I’m not quite ready to buy a house, get married, and have kids (I don’t know if I will ever be), but I do know that I am ready to experience this wonderful planet alongside my true love.” I think a lot of people resonate with this feeling of wanting to experience pure freedom with their partner.”

On the creation of the track, Samantha Leah states “I had a very simple skeleton version of this instrumental on my phone (produced by Broman Dude) and I was driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco. I love freestyling lyrics while I drive. I was imagining driving the coast with my lover, and that’s when it started raining. I put the instrumental on loop and started with the beginning lyrics, “Rain hitting my window pane. It’s driving me insane that you’re not here. I want you to be here, want you to be with me…” As I drove, the song really came together and, by the time I arrived in San Francisco, it was complete. I had the idea strike me that I really wanted to make the hook unique. And I decided I want to do a lot of vocal chops with the “you” in the hook. So, Broman Dude and I (he is in France, I am on the west coast of CA), went back and forth throughout a few weeks to get it right. I absolutely love what we came up with!”

Listen to "Fly With You" now!

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