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Samuel Blaney's 'Paradise' replicates Autumn's acoustic embrace

As the autumn leaves fall, 'Paradise' by Samuel Blaney feels like a sonorous reflection of the season. The tender strumming of the guitar, accompanied by the whispering vocals, paints an ethereal landscape, resonating with the nostalgic hues of autumn. Samuel Blaney's single is a comforting acoustic embrace, gently carrying me through the delicate phases of the season, mirroring the crispness in the air with its evocative storytelling. The song's intimate narrative and soothing melodies perfectly capture the essence of fall, and each note feels like a stroll through the amber-lit pathways of my cherished autumnal memories. 'Paradise' is an auditory harvest, welcoming the season with a warm embrace and the embracing sound of soft indie-folk.

“The songs are made when feeling lost. They aren’t about how I feel but how I imagine things could feel. So I made everything full, used lyrics that I might blush at for being too … romantic, feminine, intimate, loving. I was trying to light up a dark area that wasn’t responding to much else. I only got there by writing first with just my voice and then inviting in some sounds. And by making the songs in Ireland. It’s then fine to work with Adem or other folk because I already have the poems and melodies and feeling in place.”


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