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San Francisco based Hip Hop duo ‘The Jealous Guys’ release 'North Face Sermon'

The release of ‘North Face Sermon’ coincides with their anticipated new album “Art of Hip Hop Vol. 1” which is out now via Audio Vandals and features an abundance of the Bay Area’s finest underground artists including Ozer, Kaly Jay, Professa Gabel, Daylite and more.

Opening up about their new single ‘The Jealous Guys’ mention, “North Face Sermon is a soulful track with references to old school Hip Hop and fashion filled with slick wordplay”.

The track opens up with hugely expansive production allowing Casa and Yin’s soulful vocals to take centre stage. The introduction of a crisp cut beat draws power into the rhythm by edging us closer to a powerfully intense chorus. It’s allows you to feel every bit of long-lasting passion portrayed in their vocals.


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