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Sanjay Michael makes Rock debut with 'Rocking into Midnight'

Introducing Singapore Rock musician, singer and songwriter Sanjay Michael and his epic debut single 'Rocking into Midnight'. Emanating the sounds of the greats with his own modern twist, he is sharing his passion for the classic, traditional sound of an era and bringing new life to the ever evolving genre.

Carrying the torch, he hopes to inspire more listeners in the Rock realm, finding new ways to express it's unmatched raw and infectious energy. With an upcoming debut album, of the same name on the way, there's no doubt he'll accomplish just that, as he explains;

"I sought to recreate the kind of 'monster' albums that I listened to when I was younger - a large collection of hit singles that were carefully curated and arranged so that the album was a journey in itself. I worked with both the keys and the sonic textures of each song so that as you listen through, each new song is a pleasant surprise. The use of tube amplifiers will distinguish this album from a lot of other rock offerings out there because a lot of artists want to use emulators or simulators to explore their palate. But for me the formula is set - a Les Paul through a 100w Marshall, just like the first time I heard Def Leppard's Hysteria. So with this locked in, a lot of the creativity comes from playing with different techniques, using varying dynamics, and so on... When you're committed to the sound, the foundation of the album is strong. I know that rock is not a popular offering in the current mass music market. I would say this means it has nowhere to go but up, but only if we rockers believe in it. The wall of sound from electric guitars is an experience like nothing else, so it can offer a powerful, uplifting, experience. And of course, the chorus, which is the starting point of the lyrics for me. I did all the instruments and vocals myself, apart from the drums. Why? - Because it was hard getting other people out to the studio during the pandemic and because the more I decided to try, the more I found I could do!"

Check out his debut single 'Rocking into Midnight' here:


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