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Sarah P. Revisits Madonna’s “Love Profusion” In An Ethereal Cover

Hailing from Athens, Greece, Sarah P. has without a doubt seen massive success within the music industry over the past decade. Even though the multitalented artist studied Professional Stage and Screen Acting, she gravitated towards music, and went on to join dream-pop duo Keep Shelly In Athens, with which she embarked on numerous tours throughout the USA and Europe, before focusing on her solo career back in 2014.

Now, Sarah P. has returned with her first solo release of the year, coming to Amour Records to revisit Madonna’s single “Love Profusion,” that was released back in 2003 as part of her album American Life. Perfectly encompassing the feel of the original, Sarah P. tastefully infuses the song with 90s-inspired minimalistic soundscapes and lifelike vocal melodies, alongside the production talents of Berlin-based producer Minna Music.

“Our world has been turned upside down for more than a year,” says the artist. “Naturally, we’ve realised that we need to turn towards the more familiar, the constant forces in our lives - those who give us joy and balance in abundance through the simplest gestures. That’s why I chose this song - because it echoes more intimately at this moment in time.”

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