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Scott Helman's alt-pop single "Pretty" explores the concept of beauty with invigorating video

Subverting all expectations of what a pop artists should be these days, Scott Helman tells us that "I'm not trying to be a super model, I'm not trying to get a million follows" over attention-grabbing syncopated beats that grab our attention in his newest single "Pretty". It's another alternative release from the Toronto artist who is always pushing the boundaries of his sound while keeping the intention raw and rooted. Like he shares, “This song was a big step for me in exploration and limits. I wanted to take myself as far as I could down the line of ‘uncomfortable’ while still maintaining what feels like me." You can tell this just by scrolling through his socials, whether that be a series of failed attempts when trying to get a picture of himself in front of a billboard advert for "Pretty" or an unfiltered reaction to someone performing his songs. He puts this same kind of effortless energy into the "Pretty" video (directed by Ben Knetchel), where Scott explores what it means to be beautiful while experimenting with gendered expectations of style. He goes on to say: "Ultimately, I thought it was such a special thought – the idea that someone can be so beautiful that you just want a bit of them to become part of you. In that thought, there is so much beauty and humour – the transcendence of traditional gender roles, the flirt, the strangeness. That’s what excited me about our initial demo, and what continues to excite me now.”


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